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Rephot group company is located in Fujian province Chinese. Our group company is China's most powerful footwear manufacturers group. We are specialized in the production and sale of various types of shoes. Our group's factories and international brands to reach a strategic partnership, the long-term acceptance orders for them to produce all kinds of shoes. If you have more than 500 pairs of shoes to purchase, we will provide you with the lowest price, the best quality, no matter what type of model, we can produce! Welcome to sample customization! 


Why choose us ?


· The largest group company of industry:

Over the years, specializing in the production of shoes and the sale of a variety of goods, has a wealth of experience to meet the needs of customers, the most direct source of hand, join us to make MONEY!


· The most abundant agents cooperation experience:

Amazon, eBay, wish, other platforms and have their own market agents can be directly purchase and quickly sent to your customers, we will strictly protect the security of your customers information, never harass your customers!(Agents please do not leave customers email on our website. In our website using your own mailbox to receive your customers tracking number and shipping list)

· Logistics is the most professional, the most safe and fast delivery:

Our group's express company will respond quickly to your orders, each order will be photographed confirm with you before send, what you see is what you get! And also we will use the most stringent protection packaging products not deformation damage during transport!

· The most professional and intimate customer service:

our group is the industry benchmark, customer oriented, all you need is our command! 24/7 intimate customer service, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

· 100% integrity and credibility of the guarantee:

In the past seven years our group has never stolen any of our customers a sum of money, you can rest assured that your order delivered to us!

Your first order will prove the above five points, please enjoy our products and make money from our group company!